Digital Marketing Modules

Facebook Marketing

Facebook is best platform for Digital marketing. Every person uses the Facebook. Facebook not provides  a just photo sharing service also big marketing platform for small businesses, personal branding, Products Marketing, YouTube channel promotion etc.
Facebook advertising user must have business Facebook page. Facebook has large audience base. 
Instagram Marketing
Instagram is also best for marketing purpose. In 2019 the most social media used by users and most of users yougesters. 
On Instagram also you need Instagram page or business account for advertising
User can post any type of ads videos, photos. User can show ads in feeds and Instagram stories.
Overall it is best marketing tool to attract more people towards to your business and brand
E-mail Marketing
E-mail marketing means promote your business and brand by collecting customers and users email ids. You can compose email in any template, theme, Flyer etc.
Mailchimp is most popular email marketing tool. In this tool very attractive themes and templates are available

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