How to earn money from JioPos lite

Welcome to sjtech4u, we are going to introduce you JioPos lite. You can start earning through JioPos lite by reacharge to other number of your friends, family or your neighbors.

What is the JioPos Lite ?
It is an Jio associate program. You can earn money by reacharge to other jio number and you can earn 4% commission on every reacharge.
Let’s know how to signup for JioPoss lite
How to sign up 
1. Download Jio Pos lite app from playstore.

2. Allow all permissions required to the app.

3. In click on the signup button.

4. Fill up(Enter ) your jio number and gmail id. Click on generate otp

5. You will get otp on you entered jio number. Enter in the box. Click on the validate otp.

6. Choose your exact location. And finish.

The above procedure is to signup in app. One more procedure required for creating MPIN id for processing your payment. 
Let’s start
How to create MPIN ?

1. Open JioPos lite app.

2. Click on the sign in button ( In the above we cliked on sign up botton. Now we completed the the sign up process. So now we should click on sign in button)
 3. Enter your jio number and click on generate OTP.

4. Enter OTP you have received on your jio number and click on validate OTP.

5. Generate your 4 PIN MPIN 

6. Click on setup. Now you completed all process. Your dashboard will display in the app.

Hello guys, you are successfully created JioPos lite id. Now you exited to start earning money. Before starting earn money your should load money in JioPos lite app. Your commission will added to 
Your wallet after load money. And also you should know you can load money from starting 500 Ruppes. At the first time you should load 1000 Ruppes to wallet and immediately you will get 1041.66 Rupees in your wallet with your commission. 
Let’s know how to load mony in JioPos lite app
How to load money ?

1. Open JioPos lite app

2. In the dashboard click on load money and select 1000 Rupees. 

3. Click on proceed.

4. Select your payment method ( you can select any payment method UPI, debit card l, paytm, jio money etc)

5. Done! 
You have completed successfully all process, you can start earning now. I hope you will earn more money through this. Don’t forget to comment about post. If any help need mention in the comment.

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