How to reach Ace in pubg

How to reach Ace in PUBG 

Welcome to sjtech4u, we are suggesting some tips you about how to reach ace in pubg , fastly.

In PUBG Bronze, Silver, Gold, Crone and Ace these are the ranks. Ace is higher level rank. Some our friends want reach at ace fastly but can’t. Here we are suggesting you should improve your game play. Let’s see how.

1. Don’t fall at risky places.
Yes should don’t fall at risky places in the game like pochinki and gorgepool. For push your rank at ace you should increase your survival, so don’t fall like these places.

2. You must follow survive and kill ratio.
Hey gamers always keep in mind while gameplay you should maintain your survival time and kill ratio. While playing your game should 80% survive and 20% kill ratio this is the formula for push your rank.

3. Always keep these things with.

Smoke and granades : These are helps to survive. The smoke will help in open place and it act as wall. Granades for destructing to enemy in the last circle so keep these.

Vehicle : Vehicle is best while you are with squad it helps rush on enemy, bridge campaign, and when you’re out of circle.

These are the some tips are about how reach ace in pubg. These data collected from our gamers and we are happy with sharing these tips for you. 

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