How to setup Aarogya Setu app

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All of your heard about Aarogya setu app. This is Indian government app for your security purpose and it is used for self testing. The app will monitor you by your mobile. It will alert about Covid 19 hotspot area, and who are came from foreign, who has symptoms etc. All your collected data will send to government server that will help to government for take action.
Let’s know How to setup Aarogya Setu app:
(Note : Before, going to setup app you should fill up honestly correct information 
1. Install the Aarogya Setu app.

2. After installing app, the app will ask some recommended permission. You should allow all asked permissions. And select your language.
(Allow all permissions)

3. Enter your mobile number in box. Click on send OTP . The OTP will receive on your number. Then enter in the box and validate OTP and click on submit.

4. Now select your gender from your given option.

5. Now fill-up your personal details. Like your full name, your age, and your profession.

6. The app will ask about your travel history. If you traveled at foreign about in 30 days. And also ask about if any foreign relative came to your home or area. ( Please fill up all information honestly and it should be correct. )

7. And aslo you should allow for volunteer if needed. You must choose yes…..

8. After that the app will show your risk level after collecting your information.

All setup done.


Now app will start monitoring on you it will help you about risk. The app work on Bluetooth, proximity sensor, artificial intelligence and algorithm. It will notify all information.
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